Re: [tomato] Looking for Texas Wild Tomato Seed (
Sun, 12 Dec 1999 00:10:29 EST

Was just out to the tomato patch, picking tomatoes for seed.  I ate my fill 
of the Texas Wild just because they were there and in the news lately.  I 
will extract some more seed later of it.  I picked the last of the Southern 
Nights but noted that it did not set as well as the Black Plum.

Waterstones is one of my unreleased lines.  It is a remarkable tomato.  It is 
a true breeding line combining one of the lowest brix tomatoes in the world 
with the nor gene and the high pectin (frost resistance-chill tolerant) 
traits.  It is a super firm tomato that is also very juicy(low brix) and does 
not soften even with 32 degree nights.  The vine is not affected by the cold 
nights.  The size of fruit is just under 2 inches, globe, with a red/orange 
color.  I hope to use it a parent in future crosses.  It has a potato like 
leaf but not like Southern Nights.  The big complaint about juicy tomatoes is 
that they get too soft, not Waterstone.  

Zebra Colts is a cherry size Green Zebra, and covers the ground with a huge 
production.  I have a broad spectrum collection of fruit shapes and colors in 
my Casady's Folly lines.  The stripes are more zig-zag than Green Zebra and 
they come in yellows, reds, greens, browns, and tri-colors.  I think they 
would make a great addition to a catalog as a color/shape assortment.

I showed my tomato patch to a fellow market grower today and I think I wore 
him out.  Too many varieties for him to look at.

I may have to hold on to all of the lines for parents in a future hybrid 
release.  I hope there are businesses out there to help me market them.  I 
get requests for seed but so far no workable offer is tendered.

Tom of Bakersfield