[tomato] FW: Pete's tomato problem

Pete (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Wed, 15 Dec 1999 12:25:12 -0500

Byron, I think you have things mixed up from last year.  I did not use
Miracle-gro on any stage of these tomatoes developement.  I used the
SuperThrive on just two plants planted on the far left side of my garden,
and these plants grew the best....but they soon suffered the same fate and
had no tomato production. The only liquid fertilizer I used was fish
emulsion  5-1-1

Is there anything else you know that I haven't told anyone?  Do you have a
cyber-cam aimed at my garden?  Am I on trial?


ps, last year I didn't have any problem with TYLCV, I used Miracle-gro,
SuperThrive and used no insecticides.  I had more tomatoes than I knew what
to do with.  My comment last year during the organic vs chem debate was:  If
this is failure...I'd love to see success!  Of course if my plants were
infected with TYLCV last year, the outcome would have been different.
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Here are a few things that Pete hasn't told you.

Plants started with super thrive and full strength Mirical gro every 2
weeks, then mycorrhiza fungi added to that.

Could be way to much fertilizer....

Classical symptoms, big bushy plants with no blossoms.

Most viral infections have leaf/stem discolorations and stunted plants.