Re: [tomato] Tomato Ladders

William McKay (
Wed, 05 Jan 2000 19:42:48 PST

Don't know what a tomato ladder is, but this year I came up with the 
ultimate tomato cage for considerably less money.  Buy a roll of concrete 
reinforcing wire (50' for @ $20).  Cut (use a really big linesman pliers) it 
so when made into a circle it will have a diameter of 30-36 inches.  You 
should get six or so cages from a roll of wire;  they will last a long time. 
  Put it together using sisal, light wire, etc (cut off the six inch pieces 
that were left when you cut the wire;  do not use them to permanantly join 
both sides of the cage.)  When you are done with the cages at the end of the 
summer, cut the twine or wire, store the cages inside each other.  How to 
store cages was always the bane of my existence.

Bill McKay in E. Massachusetts

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>I just received my Gardener's Supply catalog and spent last night thinking
>of what I'd like to order.  I am very tempted to try their tomato ladders.
>Does anyone use these?  They are a little pricey at $55 for a set of 5,
>which is why i don't just buy them and find out for myself!  However, they
>do look wonderful.....

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