Re: [tomato] Grape tomatoes (
Sat, 22 Jan 2000 14:35:08 EST

Here's a brief list of some Grape/Cherry Toms from various catalogs I have.  
This is simply info, not an endorsement for any company, although I've 
ordered from all and have had no problems. 

Juliet & Santa appear to be these "Grape" types, others are cherries with 
grape as part of the name.  It's a little misleading, but then grapes are 
round or elongated too.  Both Juliet (1999 AAS) & Santa are hybrids, so 
simply saving seed will give various offspring.  They could probably be made 
into "stable  hybrids" by selection over a few generations.  I have not tried 
either of these before, but will this year.

Also listed are other cherry types, OP & hybrids.


    Christmas Grapes
    Red Currant, Sun Gold, Gardener's Delight, Super Sweet 100, Sugar Snack, 

Cook's Garden
    Green Grape, Riesentraube
    Red Currant, Yellow Currant, Sun Gold, Gardener's Delight, Super Sweet 
100, Red & Yellow Pear

    Sweet Gold, Super Sweet 100, Sweet Million, Tumbler, Patio

    Juliet, Santa
    Bonsai, Jenny, Pinky (What, no The Brain Hybrid =;-} ), Yellow Canary, 
Spoon, Super Sweet 100, Sweet Million, Teardrop

    No Grape types noticed
    Sweet Million, Mini Pearls, Ruby, Sungold, Gardener's Delight, Tiny Tim, 
Yellow Pear, Micro-Tom, Gold Nugget

    No Grape types noticed
    Ruby Pearl, Sungold, Sweet 100+, Yellow Pear, Camp Joy (in a mix)

Thompson & Morgan
    Green Grape
    Sungold, Sungold Red, Sweet 100, Tumbler

Vermont Bean
    Supersweet 100, Sungold, Sweet Chelsea