Re: [tomato] Grape tomatoes

William McKay (
Sun, 23 Jan 2000 01:39:21 PST

These are not the green grape types.  They are a red.  I assume they are a 
hybrid (this farmer I know who grows them wouldn't be caught dead growing an 
OP variety).  He says he can not grow enough to meet demand.

As for the Tuscan Kale, I got the seeds from FEDCO in Waterville, Maine.  I 
think Johnny's also sells it (Sometimes they call it Palm Tree Kale).  It is 
funny about kale.  My doctor suggested my wife & I eat kale;  my wife 
listens to physicians, so we began to try it.  The supermarket stuff is 
inedible.  However, my Tuscan Kale, especially after a good frost (and we 
have had that & more-I picked some the other day when it was -2)is really 
good.  As for making it fit for human consumption, you have to check out a 
cookbook called "Red, White & Greens", cooking Italian Vegetables.  Two or 
three great kale recipes (the one with penne is especially excellent) as is 
the cauliflower with fennel & tomato.

>Are they called Green Grape? I grew those once, but was put off by the 
> >sickly yellow color when they were ripe. They weren't good enough to 
> >overlook that. Riesentraube cherry tomatoes (with a nipple at the blossom 
> >end) are some of my new favorite cherry tomatoes. Where did you get the 
> >cavolo nero seeds and how do you prepare that for human consumption?
>Thanks, Margaret L

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