RE: [tomato] Tomato cages for potted plants??

Katie Magelssen (
Tue, 13 Jun 2000 11:33:07 -0700

You are exactly right.  The wider or larger circular wire sits on the
ground.  It's a circular pyramid.  Also, the wire gauge seemed thicker than
most tomato cages.  

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I'm a little confused...The cage is big at the bottom and small at the top?
see lots of the cone type cages around here that are small at the bottom and
large at the top like ice cream cones.

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> Was there any reply to this?  My father who lives just outside of Chicago
>  has been looking for these cages as well.  I'd be interested to see if
>  anyone knows of these.  Thanks~
>  Katie Magelssen
>  First Time Tomato Grower
>  Seattle, WA
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>  We have a Black Walnut tree in our yard - and since the roots are toxic
>  tomato plants we plant them in large plastic pots.   A couple of years
>  we bought what I would call LARGE INVERTED CAGES.  They have 4 rings with
>  the lowest being 18inch diameter 2nd lowest 16 inch etc ... but still
>  the spikes on the bottom to anchor into the ground outside of the pot.
>  cannot remember where we got them, but cannot find them anywhere.  Any
>  in finding / or identifying these cages if they are not truly tomato
>  We are in the Chicago area.
>  Thanks!
>  John