Re: [tomato] Hybrids vs. Non-Hybrids (
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:28:48 EDT

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> Now I ask you to check out pages 63 to 70 of our new catalog. Do  
>  you 
>  think varieties like Big Beef, Celebrity, Lemon Boy, First Lady II, 
>  Enchantment, Better Boy, SunSugar, Pink Girl and Patio have no  
>  flavor? 
    I grew Big Beef last year and was extremely disappointed. It was very 
thick skinned and flavorless, although the fruits lasted a long time and were 
very nicely uniformly round.  In other words, mine came out very similar to 
grocery tomatoes. 
    How is Big Beef supposed to come out?  Maybe the plant they sold me was 
actually something else. Maybe it just didn't like my dirt or something. 
think I should give it another chance?  
    I grew Beefmaster last year and enjoyed it and am growing Celebrity, 
Lemon Boy and a few others you mentioned this year. I've also planted about 
16 varieties of heirlooms this year, so I should start having more of an 
opinion later in the summer. 
    Summerville SC 
    Zone 8