Re: [tomato] Re: Big Beef Hybrid AAS tomato (
Fri, 16 Jun 2000 21:00:00 EDT

other than Big Beef! I was expecting to get a very large beefsteak when I 
planted it, but instead got tomatoes that were uniformly about 6 oz.  These 
were the worst tomatoes I've ever grown. I might give them another chance 
next year. 

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> I've never grown Big Beef because Beefstake types don't seem to 
>  do well in our climate. It was an All America Selection which 
>  means it grew well in different areas of the country. They 
>  sometimes mix up the tags at the garden centers. Here's the 
>  details on Big Beef from page 63 of the Seminis catalog:
>  "This All-America Selections winner combines old-fashioned 
>  tomato qualities with modern breeding techniques to produce what 
>  has been called the finest all-around tomato ever developed for 
>  home gardening. Big Beef hybrid offers old-time tomato flavor, 
>  colossal fruit size, disease resistance and good yield potential. Big 
>  Beef produces extra-large, "beefy" fruit in the 10 to 12 ounce range. 
>  Fruit shape is deep oblate to globe and the shoulder color is apple 
>  green prior to ripening. Relative maturity is 73 days -- earlier than 
>  other varieties that are capable of producing extra large fruits. 
>  Plants are large and vigorous, yet quite manageable when tied to 
>  stakes or grown in large cages, and they continue to produce large-
>  sized tomatoes high up in the vine later into the harvest season. 
>  The vine shows plenty of hybrid vigor and is protected with this 
>  disease resistance package: V-1, F-1, F-2, ASC, St, N, ToMV. 
>  What a tomato!"
>  Dave