Re: [tomato] Hybrids vs. Non-Hybrids

Karen (
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 20:07:37 -0400

> >  >
>     I don't think that was the situation here though, because I grew a
> of other large beefsteak tomatoes last year and they grew to be very
> The alleged Big Beefs were all perfectly round and about 6-8 pounces. They
> didn't match the description at all. Um...certainly Walmart couldn't have
> mixed up the tabs in their nursery? <wink...>
>     --Michael
I know that Walmart always labels there plants very carefully......cough,
cough, that couldn't be it!

Not sure what it was then but since I moved here in the heat of summer have
always gotten thicker skinned tomatoes than when I grew them up north.