Re: [tomato] A little Help

Steve Nearman (
Thu, 29 Jun 2000 08:37:00 -0400


Don't think that is the problem. Only 3 plants of the same variety effected,
plants on either side (different varieties) in same row not effected. No brown
spots also. If a nutrient deficiency is causing this it should show up with
neighboring plants too.

Here are the photos again. Anyone know what is causing this?

From: "byron bromley" <>

>. May be something from rain
>splashing soil onto leaves, we have had a lot of rain >over the last 3


This is normally early blight, but that turns leaves yellow and normally
brown spots on them too.

Got a feeling that with all the rain most of your fertilizer has leached
out. And you are getting leaf curl as a nutrient deficiency.

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