Re: [tomato] squirrels

William McKay (
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 05:52:32 PDT

A couple of thoughts.

If things are really dry in your area, the squirrels may be taking your 
fruit for the moisture.  Try placing a tub with some water in your yard for 
them instead.  Sometimes this works.  In my experience, however, this often 
does not work so you have to go to plan b.

Get a have a heart trap or two at the local hardware store.  The middle 
sized one will work fine.  Bait it with a dollop of peanut butter.  Once you 
catch them, you can either (1) prepare them according to the earlier recipe 
(2) take them for a ride and relocate them.  Make sure you take them at 
least three or four miles away.  More will move in, so keep your traps 

Bill MCKay in E. Massachusetts
>	This is my first time trying to grow tomatoes.  I have some romas that I
>bought as seedlings from the garden center and some Costoluto Genoveses
>grown from seed.  They are all in containers.
>	I just came back from a long weekend and all of the fruit, ripe or unripe,
>is gone.  I'm finding some half-eaten fruit scattered around and the tooth
>marks look like a squirrel's.
>	Two questions: What would you recommend to repel the squirrels?  Will I 
>any fruit from my plants now or are they ruined?

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