Re: [tomato] squirrels (
Wed, 19 Jul 2000 11:04:25 EDT

Another possible problem with eating fruit is woodchucks.  I also trap em 
every year, cut pears or lettuce works well.  The problem with simply taking 
them for a ride is that:

A. I hear they don't relocate well, suffer & die in new areas, but am not 
sure about this.

B.  The area you dump them in probably don't want em either!  A friend told 
me he knew a guy who kept trapping them - 30 a year - so finally called the 
humane society.  The told him to take them out to such & such road - which 
happened to be his own property.

You may also get possums and racoons accidentally.  In many areas, it is 
illegal to transport racoons, as there is a chance of spreading disease.

The "Final solution" may wait til next year, as I have the back garden fenced 
in already, and as soon as I rebuild the main yard fence - a dog will be in