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Please-  is there a squirrel email list you could put this sort of thing on?
I'd like to get back to the central topic of tomatoes.
Spare me.

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Best to shoot them or, if you can't use either a good pellet gun or .22 in
your neighborhood, get a live trap from the feed store.

Prepare as you would a rabbit and eat only arboreal squirrels IMHO. 

Once the squirrel is dead, cut off the tail, feet (at the first joint, and
head.  Make a cut through the skin (scissors will do) from the tail out
each leg.  Work the skin loose from the legs and then, without making any
other cuts, take the skin off toward the neck as if you were taking off a
glove.  The hide will end up "inside out."

Find the navel and make a shallow cut (only muscle - you don't want to
rupture stomach, intestines or bladder) all the way back to the tail.
Strip out all the guts, wash, and pat dry.  The heart and the liver and
kidneys are all edible.  Do _not_ eat the brains, particularly if you live
in the south.

For your first time out, keep the carcass in the fridge well wrapped for a
couple of days. Then baste with a good BBQ sauce (I like to use Kikoman's
Terriyaki Sauce mixed with a little olive oil.  Turn frequently and baste
each time.  Don't over cook it.  It will look like a miniature Arnold
Swartzneger (Sorry Arnie).  One squirrel can feed two people.


On Tue, 18 Jul 2000, Kristina Fritz wrote:

> How do you catch 'em?  I can't stand the furry buggers--always digging up
> bean and pea seeds and stealing my crocus bulbs!!!  Are they difficult to
> prepare?

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