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Olie (
Sun, 23 Jul 2000 16:20:23 -0700

To Margaret L.-

It seems I have ventured on the wrong list, so be it.

I have deleted myself from further discussion regarding squirrels, squirrel
brains, why not to eat squirrel brains, and how to prepare squirrels for

To answer your question, a very timely response about my particular tomato
problem was posted by t. Wallace and Mary-Anne.  In my email regarding the
problem I was having I did provide a "question
giving more information about where your plant is, what's the matter with
it, etc.".

A non-squirrely Tomato grower...

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> >A couple days ago I wrote this forum regarding a problem I was
> having with
> >my Yellow Pear Tomatoes.  Now all I have read about lately is
> squirels and
> >the various methods to prepare them!
> >
> >What is the chance of returning to the subject of Tomotoes, please?!
> When squirrels are attacking tomatoes, finding out how to keep the damned
> rats from doing that is the business of the tomato list. This is not a
> tomato growing list, tomato protecting list, tomato preserving
> list, tomato
> fertilizing list or anything so limited. It's all of those
> things. Now you
> may have asked a question about your tomatoes failing to give your
> geographical location, information about watering, siting of your
> plant in
> sun or shade or talking about little green bugs on it that may
> have been so
> general nobody would take a chance on answering it. Re-ask your question
> giving more information about where your plant is, what's the matter with
> it, etc. Margaret L