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I am from Columbus, Ohio.  I have grown tomato plants the last couple of
years.  Both times, the plants grow, get sizable (at least 4'), develop
fruit, and then start yellow leafing from bottom and work up.  It takes
about a month (end of June-ish) when the wilting starts happening.  Last
year we still picked fruit for several weeks, but probably much less than
without the bad leaves.  On a couple of plants this year I've noticed the
"blossum drop" problem.

Last year we had about 8 plants really close together.  This year we have a
larger spot in a *different* location, but still same problem.  This year I
also have more noticeable brown spots (covering larger % of plant and within
2 weeks).

It's been cooler here than usual, but nothing drastic.  I have soaker hoses
on the ground, sometimes they spray instead of just soaking.  But... the
some of the brown spots are definitely higher than the hoses can spray.

I've used some miracle grow.

Thanks for any ideas.  Right now (like last year) I am just pruning branches
as they yellow and wilt (especially the one's close to the ground, that
touch the ground).


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> It would really help with isolating problems with a little more data to
> with.
> Here are a few reasons why leaves turn yellow ~ without spots.
> Non Disease.
> Overwatering
> Cold
> Pot Bound
> Nutrient Deficiencies
> Air polution
> Old Age
> Insects
> Nematodes
> Root Rot
> Viral Diseases.
> There are over 1,100 plant diseases,
> Where you are from? State is usually close enough
> IE Coastal US and southern border states, A greenhouse whitefly sucking on
> your leaves will make the leaves yellow. Per my map, these bugs don't live
> in the Central Plains States.
> If you are in the Northeast, Night temps into the low 50's cause problems.
> The more data you can give, the closer some folks can get to your problem.
> Byron