Re: [tomato] Yellowing leaves -- does EVERYONE have early blight?

Thu, 27 Jul 2000 01:11:11 -0400

I am in the Maryland suburbs of Washington and have had early blight
several years running (which was well controled by Daconil 2787)
I no longer rotate my crop (this is the third year in the same place)
and am using mycorrhizal fungi. Hardly any Early Blight last year and
none so far this year. 
	Is it the fungus, as some claim, ... is it the red plastic that I use?
(which reduces splashing from the ground? Who knows? perhaps both.
	If you failed to control Early Blight with Daconil, chances are either
you didn't use it correctly or your diagnosis of early blight is not
correct.     Ed Flynn   Md zone 6/7

T Wallace wrote:
> >From reading all the traffic on this listserv, it
> sounds like almost everyone over the whole nation has
> some form of early blight on their tomatoes. 
> (SNIP)
> Does anyone know how to avoid this next year? I've
> tried the copper and the fungicide, and nothing seems
> to stop the progress of the disease.

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