[tomato] Grape Tomato/Green Grape tomato

Shantihhh@aol.com (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Fri, 19 Jan 2001 13:35:23 EST

<< I am also on another tomato list where a person named Andrew Chu claims to
be the developer of the green grape.  He too has some of his stuff in court.>>

I believe on TomatoFanatics@egroups Mr. Chu said the Grape Tomato IE red 
grape is his.  I don't think he mentioned the Green Grape at all.   The Grape 
Tomato is appearing in markets (like Costco in 2# putups) now marketed by 
Green Stripe, inc., Philadelphia, Pa.  I have not see the Chu Farms out of 
Florida here in California as yet.  I have seen only a few Green Grape 
tomatoes in markets here.  They only appear in upscale produce departments 
that specialize in heirlooms and specialty produce here in the SF Bay Area.

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