[tomato] Green Zebra

byron bromley (Tomato@GlobalGarden.com)
Thu, 18 Jan 2001 18:15:48 -0500

>IIRC, there's a major difference here, >Byron. Wagner developed the Green
>Zebra tomato, Garcia discovered the >Red Savina.  Garcia's making his
>for a serendipitous find and post->discovery legal efforts.  Margaret L

Aware that there is a slight difference in find or develop.  But in each
case it is a new "breed" available.

I too am in the postion of a find,  a lost heirloom. So you will have to
understand I am really interested in this topic.


I am also on another tomato list where a person named Andrew Chu claims to
be the developer of the green grape.  He too has some of his stuff in court.

Yup  bad work and $$ for court I am in the same boat,  Would like to fight a
"False" arrest for an overweight ticket  just to get it off my record.  I
can't afford it either.  Jobs in this state are real poor,  46 job openings
in the whole state.  44 out of 46 require a Masters or higher.  I can

I am sorta in touch with a Dr Randy Gardener,  He is in Plant Science
(Pathology I think) at NCSU  also owner of Mountain Seeds in NC.  A few of
his varieties are available thru Twilley Seeds and 1 thru Stokes, that I
know of.

   I'll drop a note to see if he has any advice in this dept.