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Mon, 22 Jan 2001 00:58:02 EST

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<< You would think there would be intellectual property laws to protect your 
 work and ideas.  I would think you could patent your varieties. >>
Thanks to all who are commenting on the Green Zebra and other varieties that 
I have developed!    I have enjoyed reading all of the posts, but have been 
busy lately and have not posted.

PVP (plant variety protection) is thousands of dollars and paper galore.  I 
know too much about it and that is part of my predicament.  I have spent a 
lot of time trying to find supporters of my program and have been blessed 
with less than perfect results.

     I am planning on posting on the TomatoFanatics forum, and since I 
recognized many of you here that are posting there, I will likely post there 
many times in the future.

Tom of Bakersfield