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All the tomatoes I grew last year turned out to be fairly good in flavor
except for one variety... Black Krim.  Although, that tomato made some very
good tomato sauce.  I no longer use chemical fertilizers on any of my
plants.  I grew all my tomatoes in tubs.  You can see some of the results in
the following two url's:

I have found that low levels of NPK and minerals plus the use of soil life
organisms is all that is necessary to grow plants high in vitality, flavor
and yields.  Last year I grew all my tomatoes in containers and had no
insect pests, diseases, weeds, and the like that I had to fight with.

The ingredients I used in my tub garden worked so well that I am in the
process of registering them as a specialty fertilizer.  A five pound bag of
Living Soil Amendment can be mixed into a 1.5 cubic feet of potting soil and
the plant roots can be dusted with a teaspoon of BioVam at the time of
planting.  Apply a compost tea once every 10-12 days after that and you will
get some really great tasting tomatoes, peppers, squash, etc.

Best Regards,
Thomas Giannou - home of BioVam Mycorrhiza.

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uh, nothing fancy
Better Boys, and 10-10-10


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What varieties have you grown last year and what did you put into your soils
around those plants?