Re: [tomato] zone 7

Amy S (
Sun, 27 Jan 2002 16:32:54 +0000

Check out the tomatoes at Chuck Wyatt's site.  They are all heirlooms.  He 
has a list of best sellers.  Those might be good to choose from.  Also, in 
his main list of tomatoes there are a few designated as "top ten."  Most of 
those are pretty good.

If you decide to grow heirlooms make sure you get seed from a reputable 
source since some sources sell seeds that do not come true to type and they 
can be somewhat tasteless.  Check out Heirloom Seeds, Tomato Growers Supply, 
Southern Exposure Seed Exhange, Chuck Wyatt and Johnny's Selected Seeds.

I grew Pruden's Purple and Sun Gold last year and loved them both.  I tasted 
Aunt Ruby's German Green which is another great tomato.  Others that I have 
heard high praises of are: Cherokee Purple, Brandywine (from Johnny's 
Selected Seeds), Red Brandywine from Heirloom Seeds, Omar's Lebanese, Anna 
Russian, Jaune Flammee, Brandywine OTV, Aker's West Virginia, Kellogg's 
Breakfast, Matina, Soldacki, Box Car Willie, Eva Purple Ball, Earl of 
Edgecomb, Caspian Pink, Super Sioux, Mule Team, Gregori's Altai.  I also 
grew Stupice last year which was a good early tomato although it couldn't 
compete tastewise with the later large tomatoes once they started bearing.  
Some of these tomatoes will be better than others for your area but take a 
look and see what you think will fit.

I agree with Thomas that your growing practices affect your tomato flavor.  
Good soil will help greatly.  Overwatering almost always makes my tomatoes 
less flavorful.  Overfertilizing will give good foliage growth and rob from 
the fruit.

Have a great tomato year!

>From: "Glen Sutherland" <>
>I live in Columbia, SC.
>For the last few years, my tomatoes have possibly tasted worse than store
>bought ones.
>What varieties should I use for better flavor?

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