[gardeners] Re: Am I the only sinner left?

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 19 Sep 1997 07:05:03 -0700

>It hit a hundred again here today and no rain or relief in sight. Gonna have
>to water the stuff on the front and back knolls tomorrow or its gonna croak.
>Finally talked Anne into letting me move about 8 or 9 azaleas over to the
>area on the east side of the yard by the red oak tree. Gonna make a mass
>planting there with stuff growing around it. Will take about 200 square feet
>out of lawn production. Gonna make a single row, two feet wide the length of
>the west fence to plant climbing stuff and then its dig up the area adjacent
>to the carport to put the yarbs in the ground. Come on cool weather.
George, they've had a recent thread running on OGL.  I don't know whether
you're back on there or not. Tony and Moira from NZ are advocating no-till
flower and veggie beds...put at least 10 sheets of newspaper on top of sod,
in the configuration you want your bed, water it down then top it off with
5 to 6 inches of compost. By spring it will be good to plant in, and you
don't have the sod removal effort.  If you want to wait until
spring...Best, Margaret