Re: [gardeners] Jokes I Missed/Lazy Gardening

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sun, 21 Sep 1997 06:13:57 -0700

At 09:33 PM 9/20/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Wouldn't you know that just as I find out there's a new list full of folks
>I've been missing (thanks to Marcelle), I've missed all the jokes! Please
>fill me in. I need a laugh.
>As for compost and newspaper, it worked for me here - zone 5 - this past
>winter but had I to do it over again I would use more than 6" of compost.
>Alot more.
>Can't wait to see who else is hanging out on gardeners. How long has this
>been going on?
>Cheryl Schaefer, Schaefer Yarns
>Beautiful hand painted fibers
>Zone 5 in the fabulous Finger Lakes of NY
Welcome, Cheryl.  I'm interested in more details of your experience with
newspaper and compost to make an
untilled garden bed.  How many sheets of newspaper did you use?  What was
the problem with using only 6" of compost?  Best, Margaret