[gardeners] Introduction

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 03 Oct 1997 07:04:37 -0500

	I'm Barb Rothenberger from Columbia, Mo.  I've been on the other garden
group for a number of years.  Enjoying this one with out so many messages -
easier to keep up with!
	My husband and I both are horticulturists - it's how we met (but that's
another story) He is a Professor Horticulture here at the University of Mo
but is about to RETIRE! Dec. 31st.  He does most of the gardening, but I do
quite a bit of helping and always with m opinions.
	My main occupation is my wedding flower business which can keep me quite
busy on week ends especially.  I also do landscape consulting as well as
drawing up landscapes and teach classes for Parks and Recreation.  I used
to teach high school horticulture - for 16 years until I got burnt out.  
	We have an eclectic yard - lots of different plants and are always trying
something new.  We have a small pond with gold fish and a little waterfall.
 The goldfish stay in it all winter long and the waterfall keeps it from
	We also have a small (10 x 14) greenhouse which gets CRAMMED with plants
in the winter - all are outside right now.  We have about 60 orchid plants
as well as many others.  Think he plans to start brining some of them in
this week end.  
	we are both members of Garden Writers and enjoy going to their meetings.
If anyone is interested I can send info via snail mail or point you at
their web site.  He writes a weekly columln, the Missouri Gardner, does a
spot on TV every 3-4 weeks, has a call in radio program every Sat. morning.
 We recently co-authored a publication for the Missouri Dept. of
Conservation called Urban Trees of Mo.  If you are a resident of the state
of Mo., you can pick one up from your local department for FREE.  Not sure
about out of state people if you can write and request one or not.  I also
did about 1/3 of the photographs for the publication.  Hope we can write
more after he retires.  Photography is oneof my great loves and mostly I
photograph PLANTS!
	We both enjoy travel and do it as much as we can afford.  This past summer
we spent a week in the Sommerset area of England staying with an English
couple and doing nothing the entire week but visit GARDENS!!! We loved it
so much, we have booked reservation for '99 the week of the Chelsea Flower
show.  Next summer it's Greece and Turkey.  Woudl love any info if anyone
on the list has been there.  Looking for a tour.  
	Barb Rothenberger - brothenb@digmo.org