Re: [gardeners] Lurkers come out

Joe Conger (
Fri, 03 Oct 1997 09:13:17 -0500

I'm new to this list, but am usually a lurker type for most of the lists I
am on regularly.  But, since you asked :

I'm Joe Conger.  I live in south central Missouri (Zone 5/6).

My main interest in in flowers, although I have a small vegetable garden.
I have several cutting beds, so I always have fresh flowers in the house.

I moved about 2 years ago to a 3.5 acre piece of land, which will take me
about 20 years to get organized and planted the way I want it.  Before I
moved I dug up a lot of my plants and sent them off to my sister to 'hold'
for me.  Now as I am slowly rebuilding my gardens I have to fight with her
to get them back.  I have so many varieties of daylilies and Iris I can't
begin to get them straight in the new beds.

I also have lots of spring bulbs thatn I haven't had a chance to move yet.
I have been filling in with annuals until I can get things arranged the way
I want them, but this takes more time and money than I should be spending.
But, the results have been good.

I hope your posts stir a lot of responses.

At 10:38 PM 10/2/97 PDT, you wrote:
>The last time I checked we had about 35 folks signed on the list.
>Most of you are lurkers.
>How about introducing yourselves so we can all meet.  I'd love to 
>know what kind of gardening you do, etc.  I love to meet new folks.
>I'm Lillian Kepp, live in South Central Ohio and my main interests 
>right now are chiles, gourds, tomatoes, and any plant I can grow for 
>dried arrangements.  I also have put in a small pond (125 gallon) 
>with a small waterfall.  I'm also trying to grow a lot of perennials 
>just to look at.  They don't need to be cut flowers or ones to dry.
>I'm planning ot going to the Ohio Gourd Show this Saturday and the 
>Olde Thyme Herb thing next Saturday.  I should make one of them, if 
>not both.  Things right now depend on when my grandchild decides to 
>make his apperance.
>How about you?  Can we get a small introduction?
>Lillian Kepp

Joe Conger (