Re: [gardeners] Lurkers come out

M.A.F. Nieuwenhuysen (
Fri, 3 Oct 97 17:45:03 PDT

 Hello Gardeners,

 My name is Maria Nieuwenhuysen. I am new on this list.
 I live in Rotterdam, Holland. I have a rather small garden
 on the edge of the city. I hope (someday) to move to the
 country and have a bigger garden there. 

 I am interested in daylilies. In Holland we do not have 
 the variety that exists in the US.

 On the Internet I read a posting of a lady who bought "cheap"
 (unnamed) daylilies from a company called Whitefarms. She 
 claimed that the plants flowered from spring till they were
 cut down by the frost. 

 I still have very few daylilies. Last year my Stella d'Oro 
 kept flowering till November. Are there other daylilies that
 also flower till the winter? 

 Love, light and good weather


Name: M.A.F. Nieuwenhuysen
10/03/97 17:45:03