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Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 22:58:16 -0400

Welcome, Maria. You never got an answer to your question about late
blooming daylilies. Yes, there are many. Most don't bloom as long as Stella
D'Oro does but I have one still in bloom here, although I can't tell you
its name, and I know there are others. Most suppliers tell you when bloom
is, early, mid season or late, so you can choose them for that particular
characteristic and keep the show going. I'm guessing it was White Flower
Farm's daylilies you read about. While their unnamed bargain lilies were
apparently a good mix of early to late ones, there are cheaper sources,
particularly among the small specialty growers of daylilies. Cheryl
> My name is Maria Nieuwenhuysen. I am new on this list.
> I live in Rotterdam, Holland. I have a rather small garden
> on the edge of the city. I hope (someday) to move to the
> country and have a bigger garden there.
> I am interested in daylilies. In Holland we do not have
> the variety that exists in the US.
> On the Internet I read a posting of a lady who bought "cheap"
> (unnamed) daylilies from a company called Whitefarms. She
> claimed that the plants flowered from spring till they were
> cut down by the frost.
> I still have very few daylilies. Last year my Stella d'Oro
> kept flowering till November. Are there other daylilies that
> also flower till the winter?
> Love, light and good weather
> Maria
>Name: M.A.F. Nieuwenhuysen
>10/03/97 17:45:03

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