Re: [gardeners] Vitex Resembling Cannabis

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer (
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 22:29:24 -0400

>Cheryl & Erich Schaefer <> wrote:
>> I have to comment on the looks of vitex. It wouldn't do to grow it around
>> here, now that I think of it. A few weeks ago the helicopters were flying
>> around furiously over the square mile just behind us. Apparently the in
>> thing is growing cannabis in amongst the corn. Three hundred fifty plants
>> were found on the first day over a few hundred acres - but no growers were
>> arrested. Theyv'e been back some since but no word on more finds. That was
>> in the square mile we inhabit and I'm sure this mile is no different than
>> the others in this area. Haven't seen this much action around here in all
>> the nine years we've been here combined. I'd hate to get arrested for
>> growing vitex. ;-)
>I can't help you with the Vitex resembling Cannabis but I can help
>you with the hovering helicopters.  Those black stealth helicopters
>breed in the backwoods of Idaho, my adopted homestate.  If you want
>to stop those helicopters from hovering in the surrounding area just
>make a big sign (I know you've got the dye for it) and put it on the
>roof.  Oh, yeah, the sign should say "Remember Ruby Ridge".  I
>ga-ron-tee those helicopters will leave your friends, neighbors and
>local cannabis farmers alone.  I do suggest that you check out your
>homeowners insurance and make certain you're well covered and that
>you quickly leave the area after putting up the sign.
>MS, LA, ID -- are there any states embracing ignorance that I haven't
>lived in?

I'd better warn George before I put the sign up. He's on his way. :-))

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