Re: [gardeners] Vitex Resembling Cannabis

Liz Albrook (
Thu, 9 Oct 1997 19:06:41 +0000

Cheryl & Erich Schaefer <> wrote:

> I have to comment on the looks of vitex. It wouldn't do to grow it around
> here, now that I think of it. A few weeks ago the helicopters were flying
> around furiously over the square mile just behind us. Apparently the in
> thing is growing cannabis in amongst the corn. Three hundred fifty plants
> were found on the first day over a few hundred acres - but no growers were
> arrested. Theyv'e been back some since but no word on more finds. That was
> in the square mile we inhabit and I'm sure this mile is no different than
> the others in this area. Haven't seen this much action around here in all
> the nine years we've been here combined. I'd hate to get arrested for
> growing vitex. ;-)

I can't help you with the Vitex resembling Cannabis but I can help 
you with the hovering helicopters.  Those black stealth helicopters 
breed in the backwoods of Idaho, my adopted homestate.  If you want 
to stop those helicopters from hovering in the surrounding area just 
make a big sign (I know you've got the dye for it) and put it on the 
roof.  Oh, yeah, the sign should say "Remember Ruby Ridge".  I 
ga-ron-tee those helicopters will leave your friends, neighbors and 
local cannabis farmers alone.  I do suggest that you check out your 
homeowners insurance and make certain you're well covered and that 
you quickly leave the area after putting up the sign.

MS, LA, ID -- are there any states embracing ignorance that I haven't 
lived in?