Re: [gardeners] The End Is Near

Liz Albrook (
Tue, 14 Oct 1997 16:34:40 +0000

jaime <> wrote:

> What I did discover after this episode is that _all_ my 
> neighbors watch my garden in the morning.  I nearly always go 
> out very early in a longish t-shirt, I nearly never can remember 
> I've got nothing else on and I never ever can resist deadheading 
> or pulling weeds.  (I adore that snicking sound when you 
> pull the whole weed.)  Since my knees are lousy, I have no 
> choice but to bend from the waist.

I guess that the neighbors would think the subject line is 
particularly appropriate.  :-D

Okay, so I did it once.  At least the neighbors on that side were at 

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