Re: [gardeners] Wednesday

Liz Albrook (
Wed, 12 Nov 1997 20:48:59 +0000

I hope Miz Anne is feeling better.  I am surely jealous Mr. Shirley 
that you and your better two thirds got to meet Harry.

My spousal unit stayed home today with a touch of the creeping crud.  
I wasn't too worried until he asked for hamburgers cooked like his 
Mom used to make -- cooked until done then roasted until completely 

We got our first really cold weather last night and the frost started 
forming this afternoon about 4 when Cheska went out back for her 
afternoon bathroom retreat.  (For those of you who've been following 
the saga it looks like Cheska is finally completely housebroken and 
it only took 13 months.)  I brought in the amaryllis -- one is just 
begining to bloom and the other two are starting to bud out.  I 
bought these at Wally World last year at Christmas and have ignored 
the instructions.  I figure that they'll grow year round.

Out on the north side of the tool shed near the west side of the 
fence are my last bloomers -- nicotiana alata.  They glowed 
throughout the spring, summer and now fall, scenting the backyard 
like angel's breath.  We'll probably lose them tonight but I put a 
sheet over them to try to nurse them through this cold spell.  These 
plants have transformed my backyard, mostly because I was lazy and 
didn't get everything else planted.  We have a wooden fence painted 
dark brown and a tool shed also painted dark brown.  The masses of 
these plants with their white blossoms brightened the yard so much 
that even the neighbors commented on them.  I'm really hoping this 
last little grouping makes it.