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Barb Rothenberger (
Thu, 18 Dec 1997 06:34:41 -0600

I wasn't going to reply, but had to - our oldest daughter and her husband
should arrive her sometime today.  They have GIVEN up on NYC - or at least
she has. He was mugged and thrown on the subway tracks in May - broke his
elbow in three places and his hip in two, then in Oct. she had her purse
stolen. That was the last straw.  They are both in theatre and were trying
to "make it" in New York.  We visited them several times and did enjoy
seeing the Broadway shows etc., but like the rest of you, coulodn't stand
to live there.
	We did make a trip out to the New York Botanic Garden when we were there.
Wanted to see the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, but couldn't get there via
public transportation, or at least WE couldn't figure out how to do it.
anyway, since our reason for going is moving back home, don't think we will
be there again for awhile unless it's to fly somewhere else.
	BTW - just signed up for a trip to Greece in September.  Any one on the
list been there?  It is a tour, so probably not much flexibility to see or
do anything extra, but you never know.
	We have also decided to attend the Philadelphia Flower show this year.
Haven't seen anyone mention it on the other gardening list.  I've never
been, so really looking forward to it.  
Barb - in Columbia, Missouri
snow is leaving rapidly but more is predicted for the week end. Hope it
holds off until our NYC couple are safely in their mobile home - which is
STILL in the middle of a corn field waiting to be moved to a trailer park.
ground has just been too wet to move it.  sigh
At 08:35 PM 12/17/97 +0000, you wrote:
>Cheryl wrote:
>> Still don't want to live there. Great energy but soooo noisy and far too
>> little soil!
>I can't think of any enticement to make me want to live in NYC. When I was 
>in my late-20s I thought the place was nirvana. Now I *know* it's nuts