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Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 06 Jan 1998 09:47:42 -0700

>>they're using the old claw foot bathtubs.  I'm glad I don't have to take a
>>shower or bath in one.  They're much higher than modern tubs, so you hit
>>one shin and the other foot catches as you step out.  In a Princeton, N.J.
>>hotel, I so emerged from their shower in a claw tub, stepped out and down a
>>step (step built in to hold plumbing pipes, since the hotel originally
>>didn't have such things), and as I fell, I grabbed a pipe to break my fall.
>> The pipe was a hot water pipe, and I was one mad wet hen.  Margaret, who
>>is not sentimental about those damned bathtubs.  Nor the old square
>>galvanized ones which, when you were sitting in hot water, and leaned your
>>back against it, was still icy cold, confounding all ideas of heat
>My Gawd, you're really old!! Reckon you had "thunder mugs" back in olden
>times too? ;-))
Would you rather risk a confrontation with a moose and her calves or use a
thunder mug?  Working in a mountain resort near Yellowstone, those were the
choices.  The cow was pulling down the clothesline in back of our lodge
every night.  The s-l-o-w fellows who worked in the main lodge encountered
the cow and her calves on the mountain behind us, and they put their feet
into high gear, leaving the normal guy in the dust.  As he ran, he turned
around to see how close she was, ran into a tree and broke his arm.  But
yes, I am old, too.  Margaret