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Thu, 08 Jan 1998 15:52:25 -0500

At 01:07 PM 08-01-98 -0700, Margaret Lauterbach wrote:
>At 03:00 PM 1/8/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>At 08:10 AM 08-01-98, George Shirley wrote:
>>Hated to go to
>>>>>their houses to visit, always afraid a spider would bite a tender portion
>>>>>of my anatomy whilst in the outhouse. :-)
>>>>Spiders were my worst fear, too, at my grandparents' farm.  little did I
>>>>know that rattlesnakes go down the hole to cool off or warm up, I don't
>>>>know which.  They didn't dream rattlers would go there either.  Margaret
>>>Oh geez Margaret, now I'll have nightmares. I hate rattlesnakes worse than
>>>spiders. Must come from having been bitten by a ground rattler when I was
>>>about 9 or 10. Only made me sick for a few days but scared the crap outta
>>>me, literally.
>>George, the best way to quell those nightmares is to spring for an inside
>>toilet.  Come on, lad, it's the end of the 20th century and plumbed toilets
>>have been around since the Romans, maybe even the Minoans.
>yes, but didn't they regard elimination as one of the social functions?

oh yeah, pass the sponge.

>Necessary ingestion still is a social function in this era, but elimination
>seems to have "passed" (excuse me) out of favor as a group activity.  At
>least in the cultures with which I'm familiar.  I don't recall seeing any
>doors at Knossos.  Is that a good title for a rock number?  Margaret, who
>still doesn't believe the Atlantis as Thera speculation.  

No one with any brains does.  BTW, a colleague is the *academic* (as
opposed to crackpot) expert on Atlantis, has written book on it and now has
just produced  a history of Thera in the bronze age.  She was on TV with a
bunch of channelers once on a show about Atlantis.  It was a hoot, I
understand.  That was pre-tv days (ours--we only got one when friend went
off to grad school, now have our own for nephew.)  Lucinda