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>>>How did you get them started?  Friends say "oh, just throw them on the
>>>ground..."  Nigella didn't germinate for me like that.  Of course, I do
>>>have the world's population of California quail, house finches and sparrows
>>>eating everything loose in my yard...Margaret
>>just covered the seeds with 1/8" of soil.  Nothing special.
>>Give those birds something better to eat... bird feeder in another area
>>with niger, sunflower seeds and cracked corn for the quail.
>>I didn't try starting them indoors, don't know if they take kindly to
>>transplanting, but hey, thy're annuals, can't you be brutal with annuals
>>and still have them flourish?
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>Cynthia, I do feed niger thistle and black oil sunflower seeds.  There is
>cracked corn in the hen scratch I serve quail, and they love the assorted
>grains until late spring, at which time everyone gives up on eating the
>wheat.  Someone else comes in and polishes off that residue.  Have to feed
>the quail on my concrete driveway, if I don't want a bald spot on my lawn.
>Lucinda says I can transplant them so I'll start them inside and hope the
>quail don't pick them for that day's salad.  They've sure chewed up
>something in my bird feeder bed, and I can't remember what I planted there.
> Margaret

I don't know about inside; I start everything outside in sheltered
locations.  I think the trick with free-seeding stuff (usually won't
transplant well) is to convince it that it has been free-seeded and not
transplanted, hence the cell pack.  I even bury the whole cell pack in the
ground sometimes.  I don't know why the birds won't bother them there but
they don't.  Exception is sunflower seeds -- the birds go after them even
in the packs.