Re: [gardeners] The Freezing Rain Warning Has Ended

Marianne Lepa (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:03:44 -0500

At 11:02 AM 1/13/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George Shirley <> wrote:
>> I tried growing epazote in 1997. Must have a bad batch of seed as I could
>> never get it to germinate, even after trying the paper towel on top of
>> fridge trick.
>That was my experience in 1996.  Got seed from Johnny's and never saw 
>a shoot.

Hmmm, innerestin'....the only reference I can find to growing the stuff is
in Phillips & Foy's 'Herbs' and they say it's easily grown from seed in any
kind of soil. No mention of needing fresh seed or any fancy methods at all.
You'd think something that's considered a weed wouldn't cause much trouble
with germination, wouldn't you? 

Well, the package from Richters falls into the 'cheap' category which
usually means there's lots and lots of seeds, so I guess I'll just have to
give it a try. They're all excited about it over on the Medicinal Herbs
list because it has a variety of medicinal uses, the fact that it
reportedly gives black beans a really nice flavour was more of a footnote. ;-)

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