Re: [gardeners] The Freezing Rain Warning Has Ended

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 13 Jan 1998 07:55:47 -0700

>Hi Margaret,
>Not to worry, Richters is well west of here. Goodwood is about 50 miles
>northeast of Toronto. It's a very teeny community so I'm not surprized it
>doesn't show up on your atlas. Even on the Ontario road maps it only merits
>a small dot. :-)  I'm wondering how Gardens North made out though. They're
>up in North Gower just outside of Ottawa and to the best of my knowledge
>they still may be without power.
>Speaking of Richters, I noticed that they've overhauled their free seminar
>series to include a lot more sessions on alternative healing strategies,
>plus they've added one day workshops on all sorts of herbally things. (If
>you're out there Conrad, way to go!!)  I wish I could attend them all, but
>given that it's a 6 hour drive round trip, I guess I'll have to be
>selective. :-)
>And speaking of herbs.........Anybody here growing Epazote? It's supposed
>to be good in Mexican cooking and with bean dishes. I'm planning on trying
>it out this year, any culture or cooking tips would be welcome.
>Southeastern Ontario AgCan zone 5b
Thanks very much, Marianne.  Epazote is a weed, according to many, and some
will say it self-seeds freely.  It is not invasive IMO, and I have to
replant it most years.  Use a little in bean dishes.  I think it's an
excellent flavoring.  Diana Kennedy's "Cuisines of Mexico" also calls for
it in Huitlacoche quesadillas.  Now huitlacoche is an adventure.  They're
canning it under the name of Maize mushrooms or something like that, but
extension agents such as the now wary Bob Stewart of the Gardens list call
it corn smut.  Canners can't keep up with the demand.  Epazote is similar
to Lambs Quarter, but taller and coarser in appearance.  I think you'll
like it.  Margaret