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Tue, 13 Jan 1998 15:47:18 -0500

At 07:55 AM 13-01-98 -0700, you wrote:
>>Hi Margaret,
>>And speaking of herbs.........Anybody here growing Epazote? It's supposed
>>to be good in Mexican cooking and with bean dishes. I'm planning on trying
>>it out this year, any culture or cooking tips would be welcome.
>>Southeastern Ontario AgCan zone 5b
>Thanks very much, Marianne.  Epazote is a weed, according to many, and some
>will say it self-seeds freely.  It is not invasive IMO, and I have to
>replant it most years.  Use a little in bean dishes.  I think it's an
>excellent flavoring.  Diana Kennedy's "Cuisines of Mexico" also calls for
>it in Huitlacoche quesadillas.  Now huitlacoche is an adventure.  They're
>canning it under the name of Maize mushrooms or something like that, but
>extension agents such as the now wary Bob Stewart of the Gardens list call
>it corn smut.  Canners can't keep up with the demand.  Epazote is similar
>to Lambs Quarter, but taller and coarser in appearance.  I think you'll
>like it.  Margaret

wHY IS bOB sTEWART oops sorry caps key off   'now wary'?  Lucinda