Re: [gardeners] Seed Starting in Coffee Filters

Heather Hallworth (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 21:28:26 -0800

I used this method last year to start almost all my seeds and found
it great.
Heather on Vancouver Island

>Dear Group,
>As requested, we will describe our 'methode coffee filtre' ;- )
>It's certainly not all that mysterious.  Instead of using paper towels (to
>put the seeds on while stratifying inside plastic bags) we are using the
>Melita type cone coffee filters. This year is the first time we are trying
>the filters.
>They appear to have the advantage of being harder and more durable than the
>paper towels.  So far we have found that seeds that sprout do not tend to
>penetrate them, and it's therefore easier to move the seeds on to soil.
>We (so far) have found the cone type coffee filters to maintain their form
>better, which is to say; that when we peel the 2 pieces apart to get to the
>seeds (after a month or 2), the filter paper holds it's structural
>intergrity, and we don't have a hard time getting to the seeds.  Paper
>towels seem to become 'one' with the seeds.
>We hope this explains it....if not, ask away.  :- )
>Bill & Harvey
>SKID Plants  Zone 6  CT  USA