Re: [gardeners] Fw: Propogating Tree Collards

George Shirley (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 10:09:43

At 11:12 PM 1/21/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>>At 08:57 PM 1/17/98 +0000, you wrote:
>>>>George wrote:
>>>>> Come on now! You don't really eat those nasty leaves do you?
>>>>Yeup. I eat 'em any chance I get.  (big cut)  Life
>>>>without collards and cornbread would just not be fittin...
>>Only one true way to make cornbread. Heat oven to 450F with a well-greased
>>black iron skillet in the oven. Mix together: 2 cups cornmeal, 1
>tspn...(big cut)
>>syrup on it for breakfast. Damn, now I gotta make cornbread this evening.
>George, George!!
>No No!! Don't tell me!!   This is proof positive that you must be an
>and not a true Southrener at all!!!  You've got the recipe right for
>cornbread, esp
>with beans,etc,  but no collards!?  Blaspheme!!  I look forward to the first
>frosts of
>the year so as to get great collards again (because as everyone knows,
>are sweeter after they get frosted on).
>George, please tell me it isn't so!!
>Bambi--who is enjoying the list again after sitting the death watch with my
>              Grandmother until she died Saturday and was buried yesterday.
>She was
>              very instrumental in nurturing my love of gardening.
Sorry to hear about your grannie, they are often the best part of being a

Your bubble is busted, being a Texian I'm actually a westerner, not a
southerner. Only reason we seceded from the Union was to get a chance to
shoot some Yankees. No one in my family liked collards so I never got used
to them. Mom and Dad liked mustard greens but I wouldn't eat them for years
and have just started eating them mixed with other greens. Might plant some
collards just to see if my tastes have changed in 40 some years. Did start
eating grits again this year after I swore I never would.