Re: [gardeners] Fw: Propogating Tree Collards

Liz Albrook (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 17:42:02 +0000

Michael & Bambi Cantrell <> wrote:

> > As soon as the
> >leaves got big we'd go out and pick them so they never had that
> >terrible musty dirt taste.  Yuck!  Trust me on this one and give it a
> >try.
> >
> >Liz
> What "terrible musty dirt taste"?  

That terrible musty dirt taste that collards get when they are 
"mature".   :-)  I'm guessing that you can't taste it.  

When I was a kid people tried to pass off collards as mustard greens 
or turnip greens which I liked.  No dice.  

If it makes you feel better, I think lobster tastes like good seafood 
dipped in the rubber they make tires from.  My father felt the same 
way as do a very few other people.  I think that not all of us taste 
the same chemicals.