[gardeners] Blame it on George! and Catharine and Margaret and Liz

drusus@golden.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 14:37:52 -0500

I didn't intend to order much this year but rather to spend my gardening
energies transplanting and organizing.  I didn't have a really good year
last -- combination of a *very* late and cold spring and too damned much
work.  So I though I'd cut back. Unfortunately after listening to all of
you my resolve weakened and the Raintree Catalog message has cracked my
resolve.  I am looking at catalogues tonight and filling in order forms.
BUT I'M NOT GOING TO ORDER MUCH! at least not as much as I might order.
And if I do it's not my fault.  

So far I am ordering (what did I say??!! This is *all* I'm ordering)

Ming choi, mei qing choi, Arugula astro and roquette, lettuce:
buttercrunch, black-seeded  simpson, red sails (this goes right through the
winter for me, USDA (3)5a/b), sweet million cherry tomatoes (Margaret, did
you say they had a 'musty' taste?  not in my garden and they produce like
crazy), zucchini, razzle-dazzle spinach (an oriental type), choho,
komatsuma, red giant mustard, tatsoi.

For flowers: scabiosa, cosmos, wheat celosia (mauve-pink plumes, about
24"), bright lights chard and pansies.  All the flowers are going in
bugland at the back of my lawn and be a 'hedge' of sorts.  

What was the name of the green thighs zucchini?  I've lost it on my hard
drive somewhere.

I haven't decided on beans yet, but they'll be bush, mix of yellow with a
few green.  Oh yes, and lemon cucumber.  I won't bother discussing  herbs
because I mostly always have lots and just keep adding so new herb
seeds/plants don't count, do they?  And since I already have strawberries
adding to them doesn't count either, especially since we yanked the
gooseberry bushes and I lost some wild black rasberries to rust.  It's
really only like replacing stuff, isn't it?  There's only a few little
plants more I've ordered, not so many we  won't have to buld more than a
few raised boxes extra and move some rosebushes to the front yard to
accomodate the new boxes near the pathways we also will have to reduce, but
since we are really only covering them up it's not like digging anything
new so this doesn't count either.

We are going to keep things simple this year.