Re: [gardeners] echinaceae

George Shirley (
Fri, 06 Feb 1998 07:49:49

At 07:59 AM 2/6/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Barb Rothenberger wrote:
>> 	I'm currently suffering from a horrible cold and am trying something new -
>> to me, at least.  I've read that taking echinaceae could help shorten the
>> length of time you have the cold.  I'm also trying zinc lozens.  Felt
>> pretty rotten all day yesterday, not as bad this morning, but could be
>> becasue I wentto bed at 7:30 last night!
>> 	Anyway, interested to know if anyone else had tried this remedy. 
>> Barb
>After reading a number of research articles on the positive 
>results of echinacea and zinc on a number of health-related 
>things, I decided to try it.  I take the NOW brand Elder-Zinc on 
>the advice of both my doctor, pharmacist and herbalist friend.  
>All three like this one because of the balance between 
>elderberry, zinc, echinacea and Vit. C.    Then my mother (75 
>y.o.) got a terrible cold and her herbalist friend recommended 
>the same to her.  It did not lessen the cold symptoms as much as 
>shortened the life of the cold.  She was markedly better in 
>about 5 days as opposed to 10-14 days.
>Then I got the killer flu.  I still have it.  It has been 
>consistently turning into pneumonia (according to a growing 
>number of people who have contracted the damned thing).  I upped 
>my Elder-Zinc dosage to their recommended 2 lozenges every 4 
>hours for intensive use.  I was doing great.  I sort of forgot 
>to take them the past several days and now I have pneumonia.  
>Needless to say, I'm back on it.
>Medical research has been showing pretty strong evidence that 
>zinc does shorten the life of colds.
Why buy zinc? You could just go out and lick the chain link fence. Get your
own echinaceae, distill the roots of the purple cone flower. I much prefer
my mother's old recipe for colds and flu. Cook sliced lemon with water and
honey, strain, mix 50/50 with 100 proof bourbon, sip as needed. Cold
doesn't get any better but you really don't care if you get well or not.