Re: [gardeners] echinaceae

George Shirley (
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 13:23:05

At 01:05 PM 2/7/98 -0500, you wrote:
>At 07:50 AM 07-02-98, you wrote:
>>I take echinacea capsules twice daily as a boost to a badly damaged immune
>>system. In addition I take 3000 mg of C, B+, 800 units E, gingko biloba,
>>and a multi vitamin with minerals. Not to mention what I get from fresh
>>veggies from the garden. Since I started this regimen 2 years ago I am
>>feeling much better.
>What sort of echinacea capsules, George?  And what does gingko, biloba do?
The ones with the little green bits in them. I buy Spring Valley brand
usually, get it at the supermarket. 100 capsules of 404 mg each. Has
nothing added in the way of fillers according to the label. I also take 3
garlic caplets a day to help with the blood pressure. The gingko biloba is
supposed to help keep my blood pressure down and Anne takes it to restore
worn out brain synapses or whatever causes memory loss. The bp part of it
is, I think, proven whilst the memory restoration is a maybe. If we throw
in the 1 mg folic acid, 325 mg aspirin, and a couple of other vitamins, I
take about 30 pills, tablets, or caplets a day. This of course includes 5
separate prescription drugs twice daily. All of this going inside a guy who
used to pride himself on never taking pills of any kind. Ahhh, the efforts
we make to stay alive. Probably wouldn't have to take all this crap if I
had taken care of myself to start with. Should of stayed a hippie.