[gardeners] Garden supplies

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 07 Feb 1998 14:45:29

Don't know if the rest of y'all have Big Lots/Odd Lots stores nearby but
the one here has been having a heckuva sale on garden supplies. Miz Anne
and I went in today and bought 10 15-lb bags of Hyponex potting soil for 99
cents a bag. In addition I bought two more seed flats of 2 inch starting
containers, these were about 2 bucks apiece and had the "dome greenhouse"
with them. Also picked up a bunch of peat pots, 3 inch size, at 99 cents
for 6. Peters Tomato Food in the 5-lb box was on sale for about 3 bucks as
compared to twice that at the nursery. I'm thinking of going back for
another 10 bags of potting soil to use as an amendment in my new herb beds.
The stuff is composted pine bark, perlite, and sand in about the right
proportions to lighten up our heavy loam soil.