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Michael Bailes (
Sat, 7 Feb 1998 14:43:55 +1100

At 2:38 AM +1100 7-2-98, jaime wrote:
>Jane Burdekin wrote:
>> I use a combination echinacea/goldenseal capsule if I feel like I am coming
>> down with something.  I am using it now as a preventative med because my
>> son has a cold, and he is taking 2 caps 2-3 times a day.
>Jane, be very careful using goldenseal on a regular basis for
>too long.  In general, 3 months is the maximum recommended
>prescription.  I can provide detailed information about what
>this herb has been used for historically, if you are interested.
Yes Jaime good advice
It is an excellent herb but very long continued, very high doses can be
damaging to the liver.
I would suggest taking some St. Mary's Thisle with the Ecinacea to counter
any possible liver toxicty
It is a pretty plant to grow in the garden.
You can the harvest the roots and make you own remedy.
I have a rare white variety flowering now.
They are native to USA
You might know them as "Black Eyed Susan" or Coneflower.

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