Re: [gardeners] echinaceae

Barb Rothenberger (
Sun, 08 Feb 1998 06:28:39 -0600

	The article I was readinng mentioned the tinture - not sure what the
advantage would be.  I couldn't find it.  Wonder if there is echinaceae tea.

>Yup, it's the roots. I take the same capsule you do, much easier than
>distilling your own tincture. I have had a couple of so-called herbalists
>tell me the tinture is much better for you though. I say so-called because
>they are locals running vitamin stores and I don't think they know whereof
>they speak.

Afraid there are a lot of people experimenting around with herbs which as
we all know can be quite dangerous.  I'm not sure this is helping me that
much, but who is to say how bad I would be feeling if I had NOT taken it!??

>Back in the olden times, as my grandchildren call my youth, I worked as a
>welder's helper briefly. We welded a lot of galvanized steel, we worked in
>a shipyard, and got zinc sickness every day. To much zinc is definitely not
>good for you, particularly when you are inhaling the fumes. The company
>gave us a quart of whole milk each day to chelate the zinc and get rid of
>it. Seemed to work, so wonder if you use dairy products whilst taking your
>zinc tablets you might be excreting the zinc quickly. How about it Liz,
>this sounds like chemistry to me.

	I probably don't consume enough dairy products - know I should consume
more due to my age for the calcium - but it is something to consider.  
	A friend said when she took the zinc tablets she lost her sense of taste
for 24 hours or so.  I have noticed my sense of taste isn't too good, but
figured it was due to the cold.

Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo,