Re: [gardeners] Hot, sweaty, and feeling good

Cynthia Mayeaux (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 20:42:43 -0400

At 02:15 PM 4/7/98, you wrote:
>It's been a warm day here in SW Louisiana so I took my little scoot stool
>out to the garden ....<snip>
Well George, that sounds just lovely.  Here in Northern Michigan we've been
getting outdoor working weather too...but we're not at the planting stage.

I rented a sod cutter over the weekend and eliminated over half my lawn.  A
whole heck of a lot easier on my back than the shovel method.  I still have
lots of sod to move off to the compost pile, but the ground will be ready
for tilling and ammending this coming weekend.In all those empty spaces I
plan to put in my knot garden, a perennial border, a pergola for the gourds
and anything else that might feel the need to climb, I extended the cutting
garden so I can put in a few veggies this year...will be my first time for

I've got sprouts cruising under the lights, it's my sons job to give them
pep talks, he keeps telling them how great it's gonna be when they get to
go outside, they have to grow big and strong so they are tough enough to
make it....eight year olds are wonderful.

Keep the southern updates rolling in, I love hearing about gardening in
full swing.


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