Re: [gardeners] Hot, sweaty, and feeling good (
Tue, 07 Apr 1998 17:52:09 -0400

Goodness gracious, George, with that subject line I thought you'd had a
weekend of hot steamy sex.  Well, I am glad that you enjoyed the squash.  


At 02:15 PM 07-04-98, you wrote:
>It's been a warm day here in SW Louisiana so I took my little scoot stool
>out to the garden and transplanted 20 squash, 4 gourd, and 8 cukes. Not to
>mention the 3 more eggplant and the 2 chiles that I found hiding behind
>something else. We once again have cucuzzi edible gourd, butternut, green
>tint, spaghetti, and cushaw squash in the ground. The Burpee's Burpless
>cukes that Miz Anne likes so well are out there ready to climb. The Dusky
>eggplant are teeny little folks but are root bound so in they went. Found
>two Thai Hots hiding behind a pot, figure they wanted to be bigger before
>they went in the ground but dug them in anyway. If only half this stuff
>makes a crop we'll have enough for us, the kids, the neighbors, and
>Abraham's Tent (local soup kitchen) too.
>The herbs are up and growing. Finally spotted the Bronze and Florence
>fennels sticking up in their bed but the lovage hasn't come up yet. What I
>thought was lovage was something else, probably a weed. Oh well, the seed
>was two or three years old and may not be viable anymore. Still don't have
>any valerian up but that, too, was old seed. I'll give it a while longer
>and bung something else in those spots. My French tarragon divisions are
>doing well in their pots so will soon have five plants versus one.
>Sleepy is sleeping the sleep of the just guard dog at my feet. She kept the
>squirrels, grackles, and other wild critters from attacking me as I worked
>in the garden. When we stopped I gave her a nice dog biscuit, some cool
>water, and a lot of petting. In turn she gave me some good licks up side
>the face, let me scratch her back a bit and then flopped down for a nap.
>Miz Anne is off being an artist today but I'm expecting her back at any
>time. Think I'll do a couple of t-bones on the grill tonight along with a
>nice butternut squash from last years crop. Hi ho.