Re: [gardeners] Hot, sweaty, and feeling good

Liz Albrook (
Tue, 7 Apr 1998 23:38:14 +0000 <> wrote:

> Goodness gracious, George, with that subject line I thought you'd
> had a weekend of hot steamy sex.  Well, I am glad that you enjoyed
> the squash.  
> Lucinda

You mean he didn't?  Glad I read your response first so I don't have 
to go back and read his post.  When I saw all those replies I just 
knew I was gonna have blackmail material to send to Miss Anne.

I reckon he was just reporting on typical Louisiana weather.  I used 
to follow up that hot and sweaty with feeling good just as soon as I 
reached the air conditioned indoors and had a shower.